When you compare your music to your favourite CDs, does it sound as good? Does it sound as loud, as clear, as punchy and exciting?

Or do you feel like it’s lacking something? Despite all the hard work you put into recording and mixing it, maybe it still doesn’t have that professionally mastered edge?

The difference could be compression.

Or more specifically, the way that you're using it.

Because compression in mastering is different. The goals are different, and so are the strategies and techniques.

And that's why I created Home Mastering Compression, to help you.

Skilfull, effective use of compression is the magic ingredient
to achieving professional-sounding masters for your music.

If you do it right.

If you do it wrong though, it can be the quickest way to ruin all the hard work you just put into recording and mixing your song or album in the first place. It’s so easy to come out with a crushed, flat, confused mess instead of the powerful, warm and punchy result you were looking for.

So, what’s the difference? That’s what these videos will tell you.

If you want:

  • Punchy, dynamic masters

  • Professional, musical results

  • Competitive loudness

  • Cohesive, consistent balance between songs

  • "Glued together" sound

  • Optimal online playback levels

...then this course is for you. How do I know ? Because:

I needed help getting started, too

Home Mastering Compression is my most detailed description yet of how (and why) I use compression and limiting in mastering.

It includes over 3 hours of completely new video content, plus a fully revised and updated edition of my original acclaimed eBook, Mastering with Multiband Compression

You'll find out:

  • Why compression in mastering is different

    And how I use it

  • My "default settings"

    A great starting-point preset for almost any genre

  • Detailed, in-depth discussion of all the parameters

    Single or multi-band; how much gain reduction; what ratio, attack and release times to use

  • What to listen for

    How much is too much, and how to hear clearly what the compressor is really doing

  • Compression versus limiting

    Which to use, how they work together and how to balance them for ultimate dynamics control

  • Advanced techniques

    How to 'ride' a compressor; parallel compression; pre & post EQ and more

What's Included


The videos are designed to be watched in order, introducing new ideas, techniques and methods at every stage. Here are some examples:

Video 1 - Introduction

  • The different goals of compression in mastering
  • My philosophy of compression
  • How to hear compression
  • How loud to should you master ?

Video 2 - Limiting

  • Why limiting is crucial in mastering - and, why it's part of a course about compression
  • How NOT to use a limiter
  • What to do instead
  • Inter-sample peaks (and do they matter?)

Video 3 - Single versus multi-band compression

  • What’s the point of multi-band compression ?
  • My surprising suggestion for choosing the settings in each band
  • The one key feature you need in a multi-band compressor

Video 4 - Compressor parameters in-depth

  • Discussion and demonstration of attack & release times, threshold other settings
  • How to stop going round in circles with compression settings
  • The importance of your monitoring level, and how to set it

Video 5 - Compressor parameters in-depth

  • When to NOT use compression - and how
  • Compression for classical and acoustic music
  • Compression and EQ
  • When to break my 'rules' - and why


Mastering with Multiband Compression - the eBook

Mastering with Multiband Compression was my first ever product, and is still one of the most popular.

For this course I've fully updated and revised the text, adding new links and references, and carefully answering the most commonly asked questions arising from the original release.

Topics include:

  • The benefits of multiband compression
  • How it can pull a the mix together
  • The problems with multiband compression
  • Which frequency bands to use, and how to choose them

Immediate Download

Includes the acclaimed original eBook Mastering with Multiband Compression - updated & revised

Start mastering

Success stories

Frequently Asked Questions

Bonus Video

Choose the "Enhanced" bundle to get an additional Bonus Video:

"Classic Compressors in Mastering"

by Mike Hillier

  • Different types of compressor

    VCA, Optical, Vari-Mu etc

  • How they work

    Benefits and limitations

  • How they sound

    Choose the right tool for the job

  • Audio examples & comparisons

    Compare and contrast

  • Classic examples of each type

    Neve, SSL, Fairchild and more

Videos & eBook

Full 60-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

I've had such a great reaction to my videos from everyone who has seen them, I'm certain you'll find them useful too. I want you to be completely happy though, so if you're not satisfied for any reason, just contact me within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked - and the videos are yours to keep.

  • <h4>Joe Gilder</h4></br>
    Ian takes the mystery out of mastering compression. A lot of engineers won’t share their knowledge with the rest of us. Ian’s different. You have two choices:
    (1) You can spend HOURS trying to figure out compression for mastering
    …and still be confused. Or
    (2) You can buy this course and get started on the right foot.
    (Hint: I recommend #2.)

    Joe Gilder


I know this eBook will help you get the great-sounding results you want because as a professional mastering engineer, I’ve used all the techniques and strategies myself on both independent and major-label releases. This eBook and video will give you practical advice you can use today to start making your music sound great. Click here to get started!